Talent StrategyTo become the leading global supplier of automotive industry professional

Growing up with the Aoton

Through the joint efforts of all the staff of the Aoton, we want to provide satisfactory products and excellent service for all customers, to form a good partnership with the suppliers, to create value for the company, employees, customers, suppliers, and the common development of all the staff, the staff's personal values are fully reflected, make he Xing the group has become a social Aoton, Aoton of the world.


Pay attention to every employee of the company now, and the future development of the biggest success is the success of employee.


Companies adhere to the "people-oriented" principle, since the beginning of the creation of the personnel working in the position of the center of gravity, try our best to offer the best opportunities for the development of self, career development for talents. Talent team construction is to promote the progress of science and technology, the company is one of the most important power to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. To create mutual trust, respect each other's culture atmosphere for the staff's growth and progress, to create the necessary conditions for technical innovation and management innovation of the staff, and to be a huge reward for outstanding performance and outstanding contributions to the employees and praise. Aoton company is to create a good quality, to adapt to the new century the fierce competition of the excellent skills, innovative, complex type of high-level talent team.

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